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Re: [IP] ?'s about 507 pump cases

> Kasey,
> Spencer doesn't use the case and he plays soccer with his pump on.
>From experience with Lily, I would reccommend he take his pump off 
when playing soccer. Chances are he will not need the insulin anyway. 
Lily has a tendency to get low without her pump if she plays 
particularly hard and always checks bgs at the half and end of game.

There are two problems. A collision with another player (or the 
ground) can leave a nasty bruise on either the pumper or other player 
if the collision point is the pump. A swiping collision may actually 
pull the pump completely off along with the set, etc... bummer! I 
guess it's conceivable that the pump could be damaged, but I don't 
think so. In general, contact sports are suitable reason to remove 
the pump (but not necessarily during practice).

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