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Re: [IP] Re: Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

In a message dated 98-05-21 20:14:14 EDT, you write:

 He also told me about the SureStep meter which I have not tried yet.  Did
 anyone go to the SureStep from the Profile?  What do you think of the

We currently use the SureStep and like it in every way, except that it tends
to take a lot of blood sometimes, and other times it doesn't.  Weird.  For
those with vision problems, the SureStep is great -- BIIIGGG display.  For
those with young kids with squirmy fingers, also great  --  you smear the
blood onto the strip and it doesn't matter if you finger touches it; also you
apply the blood before putting the strip in the meter so you don't have to
angle you finger "just right" and let the blood drop.  Also, you don't have to
worry about not getting enough blood and having a false reading.  You apply
the blood to the strip, turn it over and make sure the circle on the back is
completely blue, then insert it into the machine for the reading.  No counting
down before you get enough blood on the strip.  And I was told by our CDE that
it's one of the most reliable meters for BG's way out of bounds (way high or
way low).

I'm not sure how big the memory is - don't really use it.  About the size of
the pump.  Strip bottle is bulky (to me).  And sometimes the strip just
doesn't absorb the blood like it should and you have to start over.  Dull
grey, no cool colors.  ;-)

All in all, I like the SureStep.

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