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Re: [IP] Re: Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

After reading these messages I called and asked for a free Fast Take meter.
The representative I talked with was a little surprised at my request.  He
said they don't usually do things like give away free meters, but because I am
a long standing Lifescan meter user I will be getting my free meter early next
week.  I found out that it is a plasma meter so the reading on the Fast Take
will correlate with lab results directly.  The Fast Take will in the near
future be compatible with the In Touch program.  The data port cable is in the
process of being developed.  He said he did not believe there would be a
charge for the cable.  

He also told me about the SureStep meter which I have not tried yet.  Did
anyone go to the SureStep from the Profile?  What do you think of the SureStep

I am in the Accu Chek Complete trial.  I really like the meter.  It is
slightly larger than the Profile, but the added features in my opinion make it
a much better meter.  I like being able to put four labels on a reading.  I
like the graphs, averages, and trends.  The memory stores 1000 readings.  I
can easily see this meter becoming my primary one.  Is anyone else thinking
they will use the Complete as their primary meter?

I also told the Lifescan representative that I would like to see a meter with
the features of the Profile but with indiglow and more labels per reading.  He
said he has heard the indiglow request before.

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