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Re: [IP] Re: Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

In a message dated 98-05-21 19:33:11 EDT, you write:

<< Kasey,
 I told her that I knew of 2 people that had called their 800 number and
 had gotten their new meter for free.  She said they didn't do that.  I
 said, but there is a lady I'm talking to on the internet RIGHT now that
 just called and got one for free. >>

Thanks Lisa!  I just called again and told them basically what you wrote here,
and then I mentioned (again) that we currently use the SureStep and like it,
but it takes a lot of blood.  The rep. immediately said, "Oh, well, we could
do a trade up."  And then he got my personal info and said he'd send one.
When I mentioned Kayla is going on the pump, his ears pricked up and he said
not to worry about trading ours in, he'd let us keep it for back up.  I got
the impression they are trying to target the "pumper" market.  Guess it's b/c
of more frequent testing --> buy more strips!!

So, if anyone else is having trouble getting it for free, be sure to mention
you're a pumper!!!

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