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Re: [IP] Shocked!!

Since I can speak to the question about my 8 yrs with the DCCT, I can
guarantee you, they never used a 50& guideline.  I was in the control group,
not the experimental group (Those on the pump) but they tried to keep my BS
right below 200.  I know to most of you that that sounds really high,
especially coming from the DCCT, but remember they did intricate test on me
and discovered my extreme sensitivity to regular insulin, so it shied them
away from real tight control.  As every diabetic knows, the lows are very
dangerous. I would drop 400 points in 10 minutes! It is only now that they
realize that I would have been an excellent candidate for the pump.  They are
the first to congratulate me and support me now that I'm on the pump.  They
also realize their mistake in assuming a pump would be too dangerous for me.
For the one that ended up in an ambulance and in ICU for 4 days, yes, I've
been there 4 times.  My BS were from 28-700.  I had 11 amps of sodium bicarb!
With today's knowledge they know that I could have died due to the treatment
for DKA. I made it though.  I had a urinary tract infection, started my
menses, and had a severe sinus infection.  Way too much for my body to handle.
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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