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[IP] Look out - Sara is philosophizing

Dear Sara,

I have to believe God is good and wants what's best for us!   Just like
we have to make our own children do things they think are cruel, we know
it's for their own good!  Did you see the poem Renee sent out about the
Mean Mom??  Well I believe God is like that!  We may not see the benefit
now but there must be one!  Otherwise we wouldn't all be here, dealing
with whatever problems we have.. whether it's Aids, depression,
handicaps or diabetes!  Everyone in the world has their own challenges
and I'm certain the purpose behind these challenges is to make us
stronger!  My daughter may hate having shots, absolutely hates to test
and wishes she didn't have diabetes!  But I can see that she is alot
more responsible than other children her age!  She is also alot more
knowledgable about how to take care of her body!  She doesn't see it but
I do!  I think others see your strength and growth too where you may
not!   There's no need to worry about some idiot saying "shame shame" or
who's the winner... just keep on fighting... Keep taking care of
yourself!  In the end, we will all come out winners with our own special
gifts that will be of great value to us at some later time!



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