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[IP] Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

Hi all

I wanted to tell you about this morning's chat that was all about the
Fast Take meter!

We were talking about the meter and how small it was... we wondered if
the memory had a date/time stamp on it... then someone came in with
Sue's letter
about how she'd called Lifescan and gotten one for free as a backup
meter!  The rep had told her that all current Lifescan customers could
call and get one free!  So quite a few of us hung up our mouses and
picked up the phone!  We all called and I was surprised at how many
different stories we all got!  One woman was told she could have one
free because her Profile was still under warranty!  Another woman had to
promise she'd tell everyone online how wonderful the meter was and the
rep's supervisor agreed to send her one free!  PLUS 2 coupons for a
rebate!  And she never WAS a Lifescan customer!!  Go figure!  Another
woman told them it had received an excellent evaluation
at a website and they were quick to put one in the mail to her!  Someone
else only had to praise the Profile and comment that they wished it took
less blood and the rep mailed her one immediately!  A couple others had
to promise to send back their old meters in order to get one!  And
others were told there was NO such promotion going on and they'd be glad
to send a coupon for a rebate on the meter instead!

We laughed and had such a good time talking about how we were all doing
on the
phone but it was sad too to see such a reputable company getting so
mixed up as to
how to market their own brand new meter!  If all Lifescan customers were
getting a
free one, ALL the phone reps should have known!  I myself had to call
twice before
they'd allow me to have one!  The second time I got a different rep and
he allowed
me to trade my One Touch II in for it!  It just goes to show that we
need to stand
up for what we need and want from these diabetes supply companies!  They
need to get
their stories straight and we need to insist they work for US!!

And they SHOULD give us all a free meter!  Heck, we'll be paying PLENTY
for the strips!!  and as a postscript, after I wrote this, I looked back
in my chat room and found a message from yet another customer who called
and was told there was no promotion like this!  So she went to the
pharmacy and bought one for $62 and got a $65 rebate!  She not only gets
one free (the hard way) but got paid 3 bucks by Lifescan!  GO FIGURE!!!!


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