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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

Randall Winchester wrote:
> ...I was a candidate for the 
> DCCT and was talking to one of the researchers at Nashville...  and 
> when I was disqualified because they discovered that the A1c test 
> isn't reliable on me.   

Randall, Welcome back to the land of the living! We were wondering where
you'd been.

I'm very curious about the HbA1c not being reliable... I've never heard
of it before.

In 1990 I was training as a school teacher, and was "in school" teaching
for my first 3 month teaching practice. It was VERY stressful, and my bg
seemed to hover around 300 (15) for most of the time even if I ate
nothing, and even as I increased my insulin. After 3 months I went to
the doctor, and declared my diabetes to be out of control. He did an
Hba1c, and the result came back - I forget the exact figure - but it was
slighty above normal for a non-diabetic, but well within the acceptable
range for a diabetic.

Hmmm... for ever after, I have been suspicious of my Hba1c's, which have
a habit of hanging around the upper end of "normal for a non-diabetic".

Any ideas what might be going on?

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