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RE: [IP] Off-topic MS stuff

Speaking as a former and possibly future Microsquish employee, not
EVERYTHING Microsoft does is evil.  I'm not a corporate drone who agrees
with everything they do (I can't understand why they're arguing so strongly
that IE4 is part of the system for instance) either, but I'm tired of all
the trendy Microsoft bashing I see all the time, and I'm REALLY saddened to
see it come to this list as well.

>And if anyone knows how to turn off ms-tnef format without first needing
>a PhD in Computer Science, please let me know!

Well, gee, I have only a BS in Computer Engineering and Mathematics/Computer
Science, BUT on MY Outlook98 menu, if I select Tools/Options, I get a dialog
with a tab called "Mail Format".  On that tab there's a dropdown called
"Send in this message format:" and one of your options is "Plain Text".

Now, unless everyone's seeing all sorts of garbage and has never complained
to me about it (I'm not just talking about this list, I mean in general),
then that's doing what we want...

(Sorry, I'm in a really sarcastic mood today ;-)


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