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Re: [IP] when did blood testing meters come out?

Janet wrote:


>I got my first blood glucose meter when I was diagnosed, in August 1983. It
>was an "Ames Glucometer" -- quite a bit bigger than, say, the One Touch 2. 
>I was also started on Human insulin, and I remember being told that one of
>those 2 (home bg testing and human insulin) was introduced in early 1983,
>but not which. 
>When did home bg meters first become available? How about human insulin?

I got my first meter about this same time, maybe a bit earlier in 1982. It
was *LARGE*, weighed at least 5 pounds, sat on my dresser and plugged into
the electric outlet. It was definitely not portable, unless you lugged
around a gasoline generator and extension cord.

This meter had a lit dial with a "needle" that moved back and forth, kind
of like a radio tuning dial (now who remembers those ;-)) as you turned a
knob with numbers corresponding to your BG reading. When the needle
"centered", you read your BG from the number opposite the calibration mark.

Each vial of strips came with a separate calibration "disk" which you
placed on the round calibration knob on the meter (it was like a label that
attached to the knob). A "crude" device by today's standards, yet it was
pretty state of the art at the time. It beat the heck out of trying to
guess the color on visually read strips.

I had to fax a copy of the entire owner's manual to my insurance carrier to
try to get the test strips covered. My insurer had never heard of a device
like this before and was questioning why I was using "laboratory
equipment", since I was not a licensed physician.

I think the device was marketed under the name "Stat Tech", cost was many
hundreds of dollars.

Anyone else ever use one of these, or has this all been a dream ???

Bob - who's not really "that" old ;-)

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