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[IP] An Ounce of Kidney Prevention- UPDATED

Greetings all:
    And now comes the news I'd been hoping to share, for the past 6 months-
ever since I posted the saga of my daughter's kidney problem.....
    Today we saw her nephrologist for the first 24 hr urine results since the
kidney biopsy done exactly 6 months ago today, and the first one since she's
been taking 10 mgs of Vasotec daily (had started with 2.5 mgs)...To quickly
review, her protein excretion on the 24 hr tests had been:
         June 1995......300 mgs
         june 1997......1250 (started taking ACE inhibitor)
         august 1997...2600 (I can even tell you where I was when I got THAT
phone call!!)
         november 1997...1500
    To review parameters:  up to 30 is considered normal/ 30-300 is considered
microalbuminuria and over 300 is proteinuria, indicative of damage to the
kidneys....3000 is usually a precursor level to a transplant status...
    Have I kept you all in suspense long enough????......and the winning
number is:

                                 288 mgs...  
    Mel and I were ecstatic, the nephro was beaming,( but not surprised )&
Melissa was mortified at how embarrassingly giddy I was being!!! LOL
    Bottom line, as I said to Dr. Conley, is that this simple analysis of a
diabetic child's urine should ABSOLUTELY be done as a matter of course because
the resolution of the problem was so simple....Since Melissa "shed" protein
even 3 yrs prior to dx, Dr. Conley's satisfied to have her protein remain at
this level since it's not going to damage her kidney "filters", like the high
protein excretion was already doing.
    Power to the researchers!!! This is science at its best....Melissa's doc
just came back from an annual Pediatric Nephrology conference where
presentations were done on Early Detection of Diabetic Nephropathy in
Children.....She said the ped. nephros "get it" but the message hasn't
"filtered" (bad pun I know) down to the ped endos yet...
    Hmmm.which reminds me...Remember the ped nephro who DIDN'T put her on the
ACE inhibitors 3 years ago?...Time to send him a postscript for Melissa's

Regards, Renee

P.S....and for those who weren't aware, this news couldn't have been more
perfectly timed because tomorrow is the funeral for my 51 yr old stubborn
physician Type I (for 34 yrs) cousin who NEVER EVER took care of his diabetes
& was on dialysis for the past few wks, but it was too late...Since his wife
died 7 yrs ago, he leaves behind a 14 yr old  and 23 yr old sons, who are now
orphaned.....I was sooo angry at him for NOT taking control of his diabetes,
that I really NEEDED to hear that there was a benefit to Melissa taking
control of hers.....and obviously there is!!!!!

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