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Re: [IP] Off-topic MS stuff


At 20:37 5/21/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Sorry, a bit off subject....
>Forgive me if Mr William Gates is a close friend of anyone here, but he
>has nothing, zero, zilch, to do with the success of this wonderful thing
>which is the internet! We have only ourselves to thank.

Agreed.  Mosaic really started the concept and popularity of the World Wide
Web, which is merely a layer on top of the Internet (TCP/IP) protocol.

>Remember when he launched the Micro$oft Network (MSN) about the same
>time as Windows95? It was to be a closed private network, in which we
>would all pay HIM in order to check our email, or chat on HIS newsgroups
>and mailing lists.

And it stank.  I was on it for a short time and got off it quick...

>He then panicked when he realised that the internet had already taken
>off without him, and nobody wanted his private little network. So he
>poured zillions of dollars into rushing out Internet Explorer, breaking
>as many of the internet "conventions" as he could along the way.

Not sure which conventions you mean...if you mean the convention of
charging for browser software, that was a Netscape thing.  Even Mosaic was
free at that time.

>Even as I write, his programming slaves are devising evil ways to
>disrupt the free and open flow of traffic on the internet. Those of us
>who get the Insulin Pumpers Digest, have you ever wondered what those
>screenfuls of random characters are you sometimes see? Well, that's the
>lovely Mr Gates trying to make sure we ALL go out and buy his Microslop
>Outlook program, which alone knows how to interpret those random
>characters. (It in fact merely repeats the same message which is above
>it in plain text! So don't bother...)

Yeah, it allows you to format your messages a'la Word, while still
embedding the plain text for non-Outlook email programs.

>And if anyone knows how to turn off ms-tnef format without first needing
>a PhD in Computer Science, please let me know!

I don't know and at this point I don't care.  I tried out MS Outlook 98 for
3 weeks, and found it to be appalling.  In MS defense, most of their
popular products are pretty darn decent (Word, Excel, IE4, Schedule+)
compared to the competition, but Outlook 98 (prerelease, mind you) is NOT.

It's a neat idea to incorporate email, news, scheduler, address book, notes
and todo lists into one application, but to do them all half-assed is
seriously stupid.  Outlook's scheduler and task list is nowhere near as
good as Schedule+, the email is OK, but not as good as Eudora, the news
reader is really brain-damaged even compared to freeware like NewsExpress,
and the icing on the cake is that the !@#$ thing crashed on me several
times during the 3 week period, which I've never seen Eudora or Schedule+ do.

End of rant...I'm now back to happily running separate programs for this
stuff (Eudora, Schedule+, NewsExpress, and Notepad for my notes, heh).


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