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[IP] One Touch "Fast Take" Meter

I guess I'm not the only one who got excited about this new 'Fast Take' 
Meter. I also called Lifescan yesterday to inquire since I hadn't seen any 
of the new meters in the pharmacies yet.  They told me they were just being 
delivered to various pharmacies this month.

I currently have a "One Touch II" and a "One Touch Profile". I told 
Lifescan I had 2 of their meters and wanted another meter to carry with me. 
They were very nice, but, did not offer it to me for free as I was kind of 
hoping. Maybe they only do this in the States and not in Canada????

Oh well, I was able to finally find a drug store that carried them and I 
lucked out and picked it up for $29.99. (Regular retail is $69.99 Cdn.$$) 
In Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart has a special offer on for the months of May 
& June only. They don't carry the testing strips yet though. (25 come 
w/meter) Hopefully by next week they said.

The meter seems great. I compared test results with my Profile and both 
readings were exactly the same.


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