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Re: [IP] pumper pals

Renee wrote...

> Wonder if Bill Gates realizes he's done more for "reach out &
> touch" than Ma Bell could have ever hoped to accomplish!!! LOL...

Sorry, a bit off subject....

Forgive me if Mr William Gates is a close friend of anyone here, but he
has nothing, zero, zilch, to do with the success of this wonderful thing
which is the internet! We have only ourselves to thank.

Remember when he launched the Micro$oft Network (MSN) about the same
time as Windows95? It was to be a closed private network, in which we
would all pay HIM in order to check our email, or chat on HIS newsgroups
and mailing lists.

He then panicked when he realised that the internet had already taken
off without him, and nobody wanted his private little network. So he
poured zillions of dollars into rushing out Internet Explorer, breaking
as many of the internet "conventions" as he could along the way.

Even as I write, his programming slaves are devising evil ways to
disrupt the free and open flow of traffic on the internet. Those of us
who get the Insulin Pumpers Digest, have you ever wondered what those
screenfuls of random characters are you sometimes see? Well, that's the
lovely Mr Gates trying to make sure we ALL go out and buy his Microslop
Outlook program, which alone knows how to interpret those random
characters. (It in fact merely repeats the same message which is above
it in plain text! So don't bother...)

And if anyone knows how to turn off ms-tnef format without first needing
a PhD in Computer Science, please let me know!

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