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Re: [IP] Re: Lifescan "Fast Take" Meter

Hey, Fast Take meter people ;-)

A couple neat things about the Fast Take:

1)  It uses the same battery that our pumps use, Eveready 357. That means
you have less "stuff" to buy and should always have a spare battery for
either your pump or your meter. For those with good insurance plans, it
also means you should have a constant supply of batteries - who knows that
you're using them in your meter?

2)  The meter does 14 day averaging of your BGs, which is very nice,
especially for a meter this size.

3)  Date and time display on screen, which is nice for reviewing your BG
readings. The Precision QID (my next choice in small "suit pocket" size
meters) doesn't have this feature.

4)  The size of the strip container is about 1/2 the size of any other
container (Accu-Check, One Touch Profile, etc). Naturally, this is cause
the strips are much smaller, but it makes it very easy to stash all the
necessary testing stuff in your pocket.

5)  There is no coding strip or chip required, which makes it incredibly
easy to use. Nothing worse than being stuck with a new vial of test strips
and the wrong coding chip in your meter ;-(

6)  It's quick - 15 seconds until results.

7)  It takes an incredibly small amount of blood for a sample. I think it
is less than the QID.

Availability is reportedly better right now in the Eastern half of the
country, but the rest of the country should be stocking up soon. (info from
the rep)

Literature indicates that a data download option "will be available"
sometime in the future. Coool ...

Meters don't get much simpler than this one ;-)


mailto:email @ redacted

>I called and they are sending me a FREE meter also, along with a couple
>of rebate coupons.  A lot of us that were in Melissa's room this morning
>called and got one.  They told all of us that they don't give them out
>for free because they are too new of a meter, but in the end they did
>Lisa (Spencer's Mom)

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