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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

On 20 May 98 at 10:18, Kaseyfs wrote:

> In a message dated 98-05-19 22:01:08 EDT, you write:
> << Ok, I REALLY hate to be a spoilsport in all the "you can't pass it on"
>  discussion, but my family is an extreme exception to the rule.  If it's not
>  genetic in our family, there's something else radically wrong.
>  Type 1's in my family:
>   >>
> Both of you are right.  Technically, Type I is not INHERITED; but inherited
> and genetic are not the same thing.  Type I is GENETIC, meaning that the
> genetic abnormality that leads to diabetes CAN be passed on.  So, Type I
> diabetics are more likely to have family members with Type I than non-
> diabetics.  And the percentages in families does vary significantly.  

I was told that there are several different causes for type I 
diabetes, and it is best described as a complex of diseases rather 
than a single condition...  that was when I was a candidate for the 
DCCT and was talking to one of the researchers at Nashville...  and 
when I was disqualified because they discovered that the A1c test 
isn't reliable on me.   
Randall Winchester

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