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Re: [IP] Semi-dry run

On 20 May 98 at 12:18, Sam Skopp wrote:

> I'm just trying to figure out what to do with the tubing and how to wear it
> on my belt. What I really wish was that they had a clip that let me wear
> the pump horizontally. It doesn't seem like it would be very hard to design
> a clip that would work horizontally. I wonder why they don't have one. I
> have it attached to my belt through the loops of the case, but that makes
> it much harder to change clothing and I need to take the pump out of it's
> case for bedtime, etc.

Hi Sam.  Take a look at the gray padded "sport case" from MiniMed.  
It costs around $25 and holds the pump horizontally.  It clips on to 
your belt, pants or whatever with a heavy duty spring clip.  It also 
provides some padding and insulation for the pump.  It's on the 
MiniMed home page and in their catalog.  I've been using this one for 
almost six months now and it is holding up very well.  
Randall Winchester

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