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[IP] Back on-line

I've been pretty much out of circulation for about a week - I came 
down with pneumonia last week.  I'm still not up to speed yet and 
have tried to keep up, but I've got a few hundred messages to catch 
up on....    

The difficult part was keeping my bg levels under control - even 
running a basal rate of 3 u/hour I still hovered around 200.  I ended 
up checking my bg whenever I woke up and bolusing appropriately. Many 
times I didn't feel like eating so I didn't.   Without the pump I 
would have really had problems!  

Now both the boys have come down with it too (we all started showing 
symptoms at about the same time, but getting a diagnosis is more 
difficult.)  The doctor said mine was bacterial and the boys seems to 
be viral.   He also said that there are a lot of people with this 
around here - something about the weather and who knows what else...

Anybody else noticed a bunch of people sick lately?

Randall Winchester

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