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[IP] Mixing H & R

Ted Quick wrote:
> OK, but what would be the problem? We mix H & R to get them to work 
> together, getting the best aspects of both. The Humalog won't be turned
> into R by being near it, since the 2 amino acids they exchanged can't
> be affected by the other variety of insulin. The effect on the timing 
> shouldn't change therefore. Sounds like no matter how long they're
> together they will necessarily act as separate entities, based on the 
> difference in the molecules.


Apparently it's connected with the amount of m-cresol used as a
preservative. This had to be very finely tuned to work properly in
Humalog. For some reason the concentration is critical. If you start
adding Regular, with a different concentration of m-cresol, then
potentially things could go wrong. This is what we wanted to check out.

Obviously a lot of us know from experience that mixing it in the short
term creates no problems.

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