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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #307

     Just saw this ad for someone on the Diabetes newsletter.  If anyone 
     out there in the correct area looking for employment...... (My 
     headhunters fee is a free subscription for one year and three free 
     subscriptions for members of the list to be chosen at random)
      Two Positions Available:
      Full -time Managing Editor & Full -time Writer/Associate
      Editor for a San Francisco based Magazine Publishing
      April 23, 1998
      Healthcare publishing is one of the fastest growing industries
      today. We are a five person publishing office which produces
      a 40-page healthcare publication each month. We produce an
      internationally respected medical publication with paid
      subscribers in 15 different countries. We also have a Web site
      (diabetesworld.com) and an email newsletter. Our company is
      expected to grow at 30%/year for the next five years.
      We are looking for a full-time managing editor and full-time
      writer/associate editor with extensive magazine writing and
      editing experience, preferably in the medical field.
      Managing Editor -- $15/hour with medical benefits
      The managing editor must manage the entire in-house and
      freelance editorial staff and is responsible for all aspects of
      each month's issue including lay out, graphics, all editorial
      content and deadlines.
      Duties include: writing/reporting, deadline management, editing
      all pieces, planning editorial direction and calendar (in
      conjunction with editor-in-chief) representing the magazine at
      industry conferences and acting as the go between for all
      inter-department concerns. The managing editor is also
      responsible for writing and editing literature and
      correspondence for the advertising and circulation
      departments as needed.
      Excellent writing and editing skills are a must. A successful
      managing editor at Diabetes Interview must also be detail
      oriented, organized, personable and must work well under
      Writer/Associate Editor -- $ 12/hour with medical benefits. 
      Duties include reporting and writing feature articles as well as
      managing the initial completion of various sections of the
      magazine. The position requires excellent proofreading and
      editing skills.
      The associate editor is usually responsible for one or two large
      feature stories each month and one smaller feature story
      depending on work-load. The associate editor is also
      responsible for editing or writing the Personal
      Profile/Perspective and Insulin Pump Page sections and the
      product reviews. During deadline time the associate editor
      assists the managing editor in the final steps of finishing the
      paper, i.e. captions, titles, the table of contents, tying up loose
      ends, etc.
      The associate editor is also responsible for monitoring the
      e-mail lists and website. The main purpose of the e-mail group
      is to facilitate readers to subscribe to our print version. The
      e-mail group also acts as an immediate sounding board for our
      editorial department and provides letters to the editor and
      questions to be answered in the Q&A section.
      Benefits (for both positions):
      One week paid vacation after one year, two weeks paid
      vacation after two years and three weeks paid vacation after
      five years of employment. Kaiser health insurance is available
      at 50% of the premium for the employee only. Dress code is
      casual attire.
      Please mail or fax your résumé, cover letter and writing
      samples to:
      Ben Eastman
      Diabetes Interview
      3715 Balboa Street
      San Francisco, CA 94121
      Fax (415)387-3604

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