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[IP] Shocked!!

Hello Everyone!
I spoke to my Endo the other day with regards to my new insulin pump and my
blood sugars. I have been calling him and recalling blood sugars so we can
make adjustments. I had some really great numbers to give but also had a few
that were a little too high 14.7 (267) and 17.8 (323), much to my surprise
he made a comment that I was wondering if anyone else has ever heard before?
He said, " Remember Wendy, as long as at least 50% of your blood sugars are
within target that's good." !!!!!!!! I was stunned! You mean for all these
years I have been fretting  and worrying when I only had to get half o.k.?!?
I was so surprised. What about the DCCT? Did they all have half their bg's
within target? Please somebody help me out here. I am totally

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