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Re: [IP] Fast Take Meter


I have the new "Fast Take" meter and really like it.  I use the
"Profile" as my main meter but I keep the "Fast Take" with me in my
purse so I can check my BG whenever I need to.  It is smaller than a
pump and therefore not as noticeable as the "Profile."  The "Fast Take"
does use a different strip -- the strip is about 1/3 the size of the 
regular One-Touch strips.

<< I'll have to do some more looking for more information on this new
Do you know how it compares with the One-Touch Profile? I've been really
happy with my Profile... but the smaller blood samples and quicker
would be nice too. Do these new meters take a different type of strip?
would be of concern since I've hoarded about a 5-6 month supply here. 


Sam >>


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