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Re: [IP] Question about Hibiclens

Hi Everyone,   I have been pumping insulin now for almost 4.5 years, and I've always used Hebiclens to prep.  I never rinse it off, and I've never had an adverse reaction to it. Of course, some people might if they are allergic to it.  But I have been very happy with it.  One time I decided not to use it, because  I had just showered and thought that since I had thoroughly scrubbed the site, that would provide good enough cleansing.  Boy, was I wrong!!  I got a nice infection, and had to be treated with antibiotics.  Ever since I've used the Hibiclens without any problems, with only occasional use of betadine if I've run out of Hibiclens. 
Regards, Cheryl

Bob Burnett wrote:

MJ and Dan:

O.K., now I feel foolish ....

I can swear that my bottle of Hibiclens states that it is to be used much
like a "liquid soap", lathered up, applied to the site, then rinsed off.

Am I really mistaken on this, or is there another way to use this stuff? I
seldom use it, but if it can be used by applying it with a cotton swab like
you indicate, it offers some options I hadn't considered.

Bob Burnett

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