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RE: [IP] Diabetic Gene

> Family "closeness" being what it is in most cases, exposes many
> family members
> to the same viruses, or some mutation of a virus.  This can also explain the
> frequency of Type 1 and other autoimmune syndromes in certain families.  It
> does not necessarily apply to all people in thes families.  Just another
> thought based on published theories and immune disease studies.

That's actually a very reasonable thought.  My youngest sister and I are
separated in age by about 10 years, and then additionally I was diagnosed at
age 3, her at age 10, putting  our diagnoses roughly 15 years apart.  Then our
mother wasn't diagnosed until relatively recently (5 years, I think --
adult-onset but definitely Type 1).  But even with that, viruses can linger in
systems for YEARS (or forever) and suddenly have an outbreak (herpes and mono
come to mind as examples of what I mean here), so it's even possible that the
*same* "bug" hit all of us.

Anyway, the "answer" is that type 1 diabetes is a complex autoimmune disease
with "some" genetic components involved.  People with the "bad" gene may never
develop diabetes, or "get" it young (myself, my sister) or far into adulthood
(like my mother).

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