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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

> > Ok, I REALLY hate to be a spoilsport in all the "you can't pass it on"
> > discussion, but my family is an extreme exception to the rule.  If it's not
> > genetic in our family, there's something else radically wrong.
> > 
> > Type 1's in my family:
> > 
> > Grandfather (mom's father)
> > Mother
> > Uncle (mother's brother)
> > 2 cousins (said uncle's only 2 kids)
> > myself
> > youngest sister
If I recall correctly, there is an inheritable genetic mutation that 
gives a propensity to type I.

A recent report claimed that a certain 'T' cell (I think) only 
present in a percentage of the population can be activated by an 
as-yet-unknown virus. It then proceeds to attack the host with Type I 
being the result. The particular 'T' cell can be permanently turned 
off if some other type of antibody is activated first by some other 
disease process. The second antibody suppresses the activity of the 
'T' cell responsible for Type I. At the time I read this, they had 
not figured out more than I am describing. The particular antibodies 
involved are part of the genetic makeup of the individual and not 
everybody has them. As I recall, this was a study done somewhere in 
Europe in a high Type I environment.

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