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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

> Ok, I REALLY hate to be a spoilsport in all the "you can't pass it on"
> discussion, but my family is an extreme exception to the rule.  If it's not
> genetic in our family, there's something else radically wrong.
> Type 1's in my family:
> Grandfather (mom's father)
> Mother
> Uncle (mother's brother)
> 2 cousins (said uncle's only 2 kids)
> myself
> youngest sister

Greg, yes, it sounds like you've inherited through your grandfather an
extremely rare genetic mutation that makes it very likely you'll develop
diabetes. These mutations are how the human species develops. If it
confers some advantage, the gene will spread wide through the population
via your thousands of descendents, and if it confers a disadvantage your
descendents will get squeezed out through the generations. But it
doesn't seem to have affected your grandfather's or mother's fertility,
nor your own desire to procreate, so that's an excellent start! It's
also conferred a love of computers and insulin pumps. Even better! So go
forth and multiply ;-) You mind even find your family alone survives the
virus arriving from outer space on the next meteorite...

My big fat medical encyclopedia (love it! British Medical Association
Complete Family Health - tells you a bit more than you really wanted to
know about everything. 1996 edition) states risk of diabetic child in
1 in 100 (1%) if one parent is diabetic
1 in 20 (5%) if both are
1 in 200 (0.5%) if neither are (ie the normal population.)

Why that should be different from the American figure of 6% I have
absolutely no idea. It may be that the populations are derived from very
different ethnic groups.

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