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[IP] skin condition

Kim Huffman <email @ redacted> wrote

> How is the condition of your skin in the areas you put in the infusion sets?

I have used the pump for 5 years, almost always in my tummy and up to a year
ago, always with bent needle.  Now I use the Tender/Silhouette.  I have not
noticed any changes in my tummy.  I used to always do my injections in my arms
and I have scar tissue there that prevents me from wearing sleeveless shirts
(I am so vain!).  The few times I have done the site in my leg, the underskin
bump stayed a lot longer than usual, and it was raised and tender - but maybe
that is cuz there is more muslce there (MUCH MUCH more)  I haven't used my
legs in about a month and both are fine now.

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