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[IP] HEY MICHELLE!!! re: eyes

Michelle wrote:

> it may take me a while to answer them because i am going in for pan retinal
> laser number 2 today and the last time i was unable to work on the computer 
> for a while... it's been a week and that eye is still dialated...and can't
read too 
> good...will i have to get glasses?...

I just had laser #beats-the-heck-outta-me yesterday - 627 hits, and I am back
at work today with a nice hangoverish headache and sensitivity to bright
lights.  I guess I am just lucky that it doesn't affect me that
bad...considering how many I have had..

.Michelle - your vision MAY change due to the laser, because each hit is
destroying a piece of your retina, so you may lose some peripheral vision and
have more blind spots, but really nothing glasses can help.  What WILL affect
your need for glasses is changes in your lens, like a cataract - After my
vitrectomy, a cararact devloped on my left eye - when that was taken care of,
I was no longer near sighted in that eye...but I need a bi-focal to read.  So
my right eye, the one I use for reading is currently all black with blood
making close up reading impossible, so I have to sit far enough away from the
pc, for my far-sighted left eye to focus!  My arms are barely long enough!

*-)=B xoxx
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