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[IP] Look out - Sara is philosophizing

Date: Mon, 18 May 1998  email @ redacted wrote"

> Michael,
> Welcome to the group. If you're into quoting bible verses, are you
> familiar with 1 Samuel 14 24-48?

> It seems to be a reference to curing hypoglycemia with honey... and poor
> old Jonathan nearly gets done in by G-d for it!

Let me preface this by saying I don't intend to offend anyone's religious
beliefs, and I certainly do not care to discuss religion in this forum, BUT
maybe diabetes and other chronic/life threatening illnesses really ARE the
"wrath of god." Maybe s/he really did plan all this.  Those of us that can
handle it, or *control"" it, will grow stronger, and live in the so-called
paradise of 4.7 - 5.9.  Those of who can't will create ourr own "hell on
earth" and suffer the fire of laser and the torture of dialysis, and who knows
what after-death miseries. (the pre-death ones suck enough, I think)

My mother used to say "god only gives you what you can handle."  Maybe she was
trying to shrug off some of the guilt she felt from me having diabetes, and my
brother having asthma, but I wonder sometimes...does diabetes, or any other
chronic and/or terminal illness, separate the mice from the men?  the weenies
from the winners?  And just who draws the line between what is a weenie and
what is a winner?  Is it a doctor who says "you are a weenine cuz you A1c is
8.0 SHAME SHAME SHAME" or is it ourselves, who say "you are a WINNER, cuz your
A1c is down to 8.0 after being 10.7"  

Did god plan on mankind discovering anti=depressants for those of us who need
that extra chemical assistance to keep from going directly to hell, do not
pass go, do not collect $200. and thereby not spiraling down into our pre-
ordained hell?  Did we screw up some vast celestial plan by discovering
insulin, Prozac, chemotherapy, etc?  

As Arsenio Hall would say..."things that make you say, hmmmmmmmmm"

*-)=B xoxx
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