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[IP] is the pump a miracle cure?

Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 08:35:29 -0500, 
email @ redacted (Daryl & Melissa Davis) wrote:

> I'm interested in what you said about having poor control even though you're
> on a pump!  I realize the pump is no guarantee for good control but I am
> hoping for good control once we're on the pump....So often, the pump is 
> "advertised" >as some kind of miracle and the more I research it, the more I
> see it's not!

Speaking as one who has defintely abused the freedoms allowed by the pump,
allow me to say that the pump is NOT a miracle and does NOT guarantee good
control - it can PERMIT miracles, it can ALLOW them to occur, and can
faciliate them, but as we all know, with inanimate objects (doctors included)
human intervention is required and they (including the doctors) will fail
miserably if this fact is not remembered.  It can, in fact, facilitate even
worse control!  I can keep my pump full of in-date, fresh insulin, I can
rotate my sites every 2 days, and I can even test 10 times a day, but if I
don’t apply all those things together, calculate the exact amount of insulin
my body needs for whatever given circumstance, then it doesn’t make a hill of
beans worth of difference.  If I just
“average” or “round up” what my meal bolus should be cuz I am too lazy to
figure the wexact amount, I can be over or under insulinating!  

I have been in poor control, while on the pump.  I had 2 A1cs over 9.5 during
1996 when I was working a very stressfull job.  I still wore my pump, still
gave boluses and all, but it was a very low priority for about 6 months.  Then
there is now, where I am testing 10 times a day, logging every freaking bolus
and all my food.  I am working out my ratios during the day, because they DO
change throughout the day...I just hope it is gonna make a difference in that
magic number that makes doctors tell you are a “bad” person or a “good”

who is NOT a bad person, generally, but has her moments
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