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Re: [IP] Question about Hibiclens

At 12:48 PM 5/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any feelings on how good/bad Hibiclens is for disinfecting
>skin?  I've been using it for over a year now with no problems.  I just use
>a sterile cotton ball, start in the center of the new site and swab outward
>in a  small spiral (this supposedly will tend to carry bacteria away from
>the central insertion site).
>Hibiclens is a light pink color and doesn't stain the skin like betadyne,
>and it doesn't seem to react with alcohol as far as I can tell.
>I actually don't even swab off the Hibiclens before inserting the new set.
>I just let it dry (takes about 2-3 minutes) and have at it.
>Any opinions on how naughty I may have been all this time?


I use hibiclens as well as betadine- whichever one happens to be on the
drugstore shelf at the time I buy :)... I always change my infusion sets in
the morning right after my shower.  The last thing I clean is the site
before stepping out (I rinse off the betadine or the hibaclens).  This was
suggested to me by my pump trainer and has always worked great for me!

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