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Re: [IP] Question about Hibiclens

In a message dated 5/20/98 1:49:05 PM Mountain Daylight Time, email @ redacted

> Does anyone have any feelings on how good/bad Hibiclens is for disinfecting
>  skin?  I've been using it for over a year now with no problems.  I just use
>  a sterile cotton ball, start in the center of the new site and swab outward
>  in a  small spiral (this supposedly will tend to carry bacteria away from
>  the central insertion site).
>  Hibiclens is a light pink color and doesn't stain the skin like betadyne,
>  and it doesn't seem to react with alcohol as far as I can tell.
>  I actually don't even swab off the Hibiclens before inserting the new set.
>  I just let it dry (takes about 2-3 minutes) and have at it.
>  Any opinions on how naughty I may have been all this time?
>  DanO

This is EXACTLY the same thing I do.  It is what my MiniMed rep taught me
during training (Dave Nostrand).  It works fine, and a small bottle of the
stuff lasted longer than a year for me so the $6.00 per bottle cost seems
pretty negligible.  I think you've been doing fine, not naughty at all!

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