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RE: [IP] Diabetic Gene

Ok, I REALLY hate to be a spoilsport in all the "you can't pass it on"
discussion, but my family is an extreme exception to the rule.  If it's not
genetic in our family, there's something else radically wrong.

Type 1's in my family:

Grandfather (mom's father)
Uncle (mother's brother)
2 cousins (said uncle's only 2 kids)
youngest sister

Now, that's a LOT more than 6%.  Environmental factors?  Maybe, but we all
developed it at different times and moved around a lot.  Diet?  Doubt it.

I also have 2 brothers and another sister without diabetes.  One of the
brothers has a different autoimmune disease, though, called ITP -- basically
his body attacks its own platelets.  Oh, and my mother and sister also have a
thyroid condition that is apparently autoimmune related, but I don't know the
details on that.  So maybe it's possible that our family has SOME genetic
autoimmune tendency, not necessarily directly related to what's normally
called "type 1 diabetes" but that manifests itself as such in many of us?

My girlfriend and I are talking about children ourselves (yeah, we're kinda
serious ;-) and we haven't made any decisions yet, but the odds within MY
family look pretty damn high...

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