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Re: [IP] talk @ brain damage...

John Neale wrote:
> Hi. Thanks for your thoughts! I tried wearing it pointing down, put I
> found it was too much trouble with all the extra tubing looping back up.

No problem, I just hook the tube under the 2 snap tabs on the pump leather 
caseto direct it up the side of the pump, then curve it between the pump 
and me till it goes where it's supposed to. Of course that only applies 
to a MiniMed pump.

> My little bubble problem seems to have resolved itself. The Regular
> insulin I was using was Novo Actrapid. I recently changed to Lilly
> Humulin S, and it no longer seems to foam as badly as it did before. I
> have no more Novo Actrapid left so I can't really test this theory
> properly.

I  just do it on general proinciples, since I really rather not have ANY
unnecessary bubbles in the hose, even small ones. Just the engineer in
me, I suppose.
> I switched to the Lilly insulin since my endo was asking his "friend" at
> Lilly about possible problems with the H&R mix. Obviously they could
> only comment on the issues involved in mixing their own insulins.
> Officially they have never tested mixing Humalog with Regular, but we're
> still waiting for their unofficial comments. I wanted to know if it was
> acceptable to pre-mix H&R in its own bottle to make refilling the pump
> quicker and simpler. There is a theoretical possibility that over a
> period of time (ie longer than the week we have the two mixed in the
> pump cartridge) the two insulins could interfere with each other.

OK, but what would be the problem? We mix H & R to get them to work 
together, getting the best aspects of both. The Humalog won't be turned
into R by being near it, since the 2 amino acids they exchanged can't
be affected by the other variety of insulin. The effect on the timing 
shouldn't change therefore. Sounds like no matter how long they're
together they will necessarily act as separate entities, based on the 
difference in the molecules.

This isn't at all like mixing a slow insulin with R or H, where a 
retarder, such as zinc in Lente insulins, will average the timing of
the faster insulin if combined too long. The effect there is because of
the large timing difference, and the fact that Lente is R with zinc added
with no molecular change involved.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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