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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

MADKT wrote:
> This is a two-part question:
> I am the only type I diabetic in my family. The only other known diabetic is
> my grandfather who was type II. On that side alone there were 29 grandchildren
> and 22 great grandchildren. Myself being one of the grandchildren am the only
> diabetic. Are the two types related?
> Type I is an auto-immune difficency, right? 

Not sure difficiency is quite the word, it's more of a difficulty. My immune
system wasn't sensitive enough to detect the difference between my Beta cells
whatever virus it was that hit me. Perhaps I'm not protected agianst being
by the virus, as most would be, but the above is still a factor.

Is type II the same?

No, it's a breakdown in how the body uses insulin, which isn't thought to
be any part of the immune system, just a plain "structural" anomaly.

> Second question:
> Although I've been trying to conceive for 3 years, I am now considering
> adoption only. I cry every time I read about these kids with diabetes. I would
> hate to pass on the "diabetic gene". I hate this disease. I can't imagine the
> horror of passing this on.
> What are the chances of passing it on?

Type 1 is LESS likely to be passed on than Type 2. Something like 6% of Type 1s
have been found to have Type 1 relatives, Type 2s are more like 40 or 50%
related to

As far as we're concerned, we decided to have 1 child, since the chances are
there that he could become diabetic, but I've found it possible to live well
with it, and technology keeps improving. He's 22 now and no sign of diabetes, so
it IS possible for diabetics to have children who aren't.

As my sister put it, if everybody thought of why NOT to have children, NOBODY
and the human race would be extinct.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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