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Re: [IP] skin integrity

At 05:57 PM 5/19/98 EDT, Ellen wrote:

>kim,  i have hypertrophy.  i have been on the pump for 2 years, but i did not
>develop hypertrophy until  3 months after i started using Humalog.  i do not
>know if this is the cause but i believe it is.  i used human Regular for
>however long its been on the market(20 years?) and never had this problem.
>endo said it would go away--eventually.  it is a problem because the tender
>does not work in my butt and i have a bad place on my lower stomach so i am
>confined to 3 sites on my upper stomach and one site on my lower stomach.  i
>also wonder how long these places will last.  i guess this is not too

Ellen (and Kim):

I also experienced this tissue problem with Humalog. These hypertrophied
areas quickly got better when I discontinued Humalog. I had at least one
area on my abdomen which was quite visibly "raised" and hardened -
absorption was horrible here. I returned to Velosulin and am now able to
use this site with much better success. I still try to give it more of a
"rest" than my other areas, due to the previous problems, but it continues
to improve.

For me, it appears that long term use of Humalog caused some real
deterioration with my infusion sites.

I have been insulin dependent for approx. 42 years, used my thighs, butt,
arms and abdomen for injections and never had any tissue problems (it seems
the only areas I never tried were between my toes ;-)). I used Humalog in
my pump for about 14 months and ran into quite a few interesting little
issues with my infusion sites.

A number of users mix Humalog and Velosulin or Regular to try to stave off
any site problems. There are varying stories of success with this method.

I just heard last night from a user who was one of the first pumpers I know
of to mix Humalog and Velosulin. He finally gave up Humalog after continual
"no delivery" problems with his pump and returned to straight Velosulin,
with Humalog at meals. Interesting ...

Bob Burnett

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