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Re: [IP] Diabetic Gene

Type I and Type II diabetes are completely different diseases.  They are so
unrelated, in fact, at one time scientists considered renaming Type II's.
Type I, as you already know, is an auto-immune disease.  Our bodies thought
something in the beta cells was foreign to our bodies and rejected our beta
cells.  It acted against itself.  My family history is much like yours.  My
mom did have Type II later in her life and was pretty overweight.  I am petite
and produce no insulin.  Type II's produce insulin but are thought to be
insulin resistant (that's why so many Type II's think there diabetes is worse
than ours, because they resist insulin and must take large doses to
At Northwestern, during my years with the DCCT, they also theorized that some
children reacted to childhood immunizations, like measles and the disease sat
in waiting for the right time to show up.  Interesting, but who knows.  I am
1/8th Cherokee Indian, which really confuses the issue, because Type II
diabetes is rampant in Indian tribes in the USA.
Anyone, all this is interesting, but no one really knows for sure yet, but I
think they are very close in finding the exact HLA gene that is the problem
child of all us Type I's.
Judy P.

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