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Re: [IP] skin integrity

kim,  i have hypertrophy.  i have been on the pump for 2 years, but i did not
develop hypertrophy until  3 months after i started using Humalog.  i do not
know if this is the cause but i believe it is.  i used human Regular for
however long its been on the market(20 years?) and never had this problem.  my
endo said it would go away--eventually.  it is a problem because the tender
does not work in my butt and i have a bad place on my lower stomach so i am
confined to 3 sites on my upper stomach and one site on my lower stomach.  i
also wonder how long these places will last.  i guess this is not too
encouraging but the pump has so many positives that i feel it is worth it.  i
do not know how old your child is but i also had this with pork insulin when i
was around 11 years and on a swim team.  i was horribly embarrassed about
those hideous places on my legs.  i understand if your daughter is very upset.
i know i was.  if she is on H, this maybe the problem.  check it out.  ellen

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