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Re: [IP] skin integrity

    When Melissa was first dx'd she was on beef-pork insulin & had terrible
hypertrophy...her stomach & arms looked like a battlefield!...When she
switched to Humulin that helped a lot...
    Now with the pump, after two years of inserting exclusively in her
stomach, she noticed slightly raised, hardened areas there (she too doesn't
use as wide an area as she could'/should)...She opted to switch to her "butt"
so that her stomach could "rest" prior to bikini season ( we are talking a 15
yr old stomach here by the way!!!)...It's been about 2 months now & there has
been improvement....
    But compared to the hypertrophy initially experienced on MDI, she could
certainly have kept on inserting in her stomach area with no problem I think -
had summer not been approaching!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom)

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