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As you can see by this mailing list there is a lot of us that expressed an
interest about being involved in a insulin pumpers support chat.  On an
average there has been around 10 to 15 of us in the chat at one time.  I was
unable to be in last nights chat but I heard that there were only a couple of
people there.  These nights were chosen based on what the majority of you said
would work best for you.  This is what I am wondering, do we need to keep this
chat open 7 days a week like the general diabetes chat room operates?  I
honestly don't believe this will interfer with the diabetes chat because that
room tends to be dominated by type 2 diabetics and there is very few of us
pumpers that go to that chat.  I would love for this chat to "catch on" like
the general diabetes chat.  If you are interested in the pump support chat
being open like this please let me know.  I would also like to keep the
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday days and times the same so that we know when we
can definately find people there.  The general diabetes chat usually begins at
8 p.m. Eastern and is open for several hours.  We could do the same and keep
the other 3 days a week for definate meeting times.  Please, please let me
know and I will get back to all of you.  Lets make this work for all of us :-)


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