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[IP] complete software

Hi guys...well i got my hands on the complete software...it's fun...it
gives you all the same info that the meter does except it is easier to
read when i is spread out on paper.....so that you are not scrolling
between screens...it does not have the pie charts like the one touch
software (the one that was made by another company...can't remember the
name)that i had but the complete software tells you percentages...never
could get the one touch software (?) to work correctly...don't know if it
was just cuz i was in computer kindergarden and just couldn't figure it
out or if it was the program but this program was pretty easy ...as i
said before the bayer rep said the software should be out for the public
in the summer...i guess they did not manufacture enough ...if you have
any questions it may take me a while to answer them because i am going in
for pan retinal laser number 2 today and the last time i was unable to
work on the computer for a while... it's been a week and that eye is
still dialated...and can't read too good...will i have to get glasses?...
and i have 384 messages i still need to read...oh well it is giving my
mouse finger, wrist and arm time to heal...and make sure the post says
michelle or complete software in the subject cuz i am just cruising thru
my messages and may not notice a message specifically for me...just don't
want anybody to get offended if i don't reply cuz the subject line said
DKA and kids... also if you send it directly to my
email @ redacted will be more likely to respond because i am
on digest now....off to epileptic training therapy i go (laser).. my
father in law is taking me to the appt. ...gonna have to give him a crash
course in pump and glucose meter operation....michelle email @ redacted

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