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Re: [IP] White crud clogging cannulas? (say THAT 3 times fast!)

> I tries the Tenders, et al.  I had a problem with about 7 of them
> clogging up in the teflon cannula.  It was a white, waxy
> substance...almost like soap.  Disetronic had no clue what it was, and
> neither did MiniMed.
> Any ideas?!?!?!?!?


I believe the white crud is laid down by your body's immune system. It
decides it doesn't like this foreign body you've stuck in, and attempts
to isolate it by laying down this waxy substance. At least that's one
theory. But I'm not an immunologist so I can't be any more specific!

The process seams to come and go, depending on what your immune system
is up to at the time. That might explain why No Delivery alarms come in
groups sometimes. And even why a lot of people get No Deliverys around
the same time - one group of seasonal viruses causes all our immune
systems to crank up at the same time.

The solutions are either to try a different infusion set (the Minimed
catheter is wider I believe) or just change it more often, and wait and
see if the problem goes away...

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