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[IP] Update

Hello everyone, this is Wendy in Canada, 8 days on my pump so far and all is
extremely well. I got over the infection o.k., and my bg's are very good. I
can't believe it! I am not getting perfect reading quite yet. I am hovering
around 6.8 to 10.0! That is incredible for me, I did have a few lows over
the weekend, but they were all accountable (long weekend here,
    I was glad to hear Kerry has gotten some help. I too have gone through
many stages of depression, anger, denial, etc........Ended up in E.R. a few
too many times because of carelessness. I once had a debate with a person
about why 'bad' things happen to good people, I couldn't understand, he said
that there was probably some reason why I got diabetes and that was the most
ridiculous thing I'd ever heard, but know that I look back on my life and at
the road I was heading down I can almost agree. I was definitely pretty
reckless and stupid before I was dx'd. I can guess that had I continued that
road I probably wouldn't have the two beautiful children I have as well as a
husband and family that loves me.  Maybe there is something to everything
happening for a reason.
    It's just too bad I ended up with a disease that requires the most
discipline, it's never been something I've been really good at. But after
nine years I'm getting there!  Good Luck Kerry!!!!!

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