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Re: [IP] Update on Kerry

Kerry and Brian,

Thank goodness!!  I've been so worried, I'm so glad that you are seeking help.

I found your comments about your previous "health care team" interesting.
Like you, I was given very little guidance in my early diabetic years.  I was
tossed a copy of a 1200 calorie diet and a 2500 calorie diet, (they were out
of the 1500 and 1800 calorie versions), a general sliding scale and 70/30 mix
insulin.  I was "briefly" shown how to do a shot, and was handed a brochure on
the subject.  I was told to get a meter and test daily.  Then when I asked
when I should come back to the doctor's office he said, come back when you are
sick. I muddled through four years like this, never once being given an A1c
test.  Finally, I was "gently nudged" to seek a different doctor.  But as you
can guess, by this time, I was a real mess, and had pretty much learned how to
ignore my diabetes, testing maybe once or twice a week and absolutely guessing
about how much insulin to give.  But I had everyone around me fooled, even my
husband, into thinking that I was very responsible and was taking great care
of myself!  He later told me he had no idea that I was so far out of control. 

The new doc put me on MDI and cranked up the insulin doses and I began to feel
human again.  A few years after that, I started on the pump.   I guess my
point is, we can only work with the tools we are given.  Sometimes we have to
go in seek of new and better tools but that process can be difficult.  It is
often much easier to remain in the "comfortable rut", no matter how unhealthy
it really is.  I congratulate you in taking this step to find a solution.

Mary Jean

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