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[IP] I LOVE this pump

I am still amazed at what this pump can do.  Spencer's number started
rising last night to over 400.  Decided that since he was almost out of
insulin, and we had to change Tuesday anyway, we would change last night
instead. ( I know don't change at night b/c of possible complications )
I gave him 1 extra unit with the new site and checked him an hour later,
still over 300, but coming down.  I gave another unit and checked an
hour later and he was just over 200.  This morning when he woke up he
was 84.  YIPPY!!!! The doctor wouldn't like that I was chasing highs
with the extra H, but tough!!!  This is just proof that it can be done
and if done right it can bring him back to a normal range.  I wouldn't
have felt comfortable chasing a high before joining this group.  Thanks

Lisa (Spencer's mom)

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