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Re: [IP] White crud clogging cannulas? (say THAT 3 times fast!)

Michael Maturen wrote:
> I tries the Tenders, et al.  I had a problem with about 7 of them
> clogging up in the teflon cannula.  It was a white, waxy
> substance...almost like soap.  Disetronic had no clue what it was, and
> neither did MiniMed.
> Any ideas?!?!?!?!?

Not sure, and should think somebody at eitrher company would think of this, 
but could it be the laminated coating inside the hose degrading and gathering 
in the Teflon? Sounds farfetched even to me, but if the hose is flexed too 
much it DOES show cracks, those spots that look like bubbles, but they never

Ted Quick
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