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[IP] Update on Kerry

Kerry made a very big step today.

She contacted her nurse educator today and told her of her feelings.  The
nurse then arranged for Kerry to meet with a counselor tonight.  In fact,
just returned home a short while ago from this meeting.  This was a very
difficult first step for Kerry, but she has mnade it through so far.  The
counselor has reffered her to a psychiatrist so that she can be placed on
medication to control her depression, (yes John that is part of what she is
suffering from).  She also has a severe stress overload because of the big
swings of her bg's.

Kerry's current health team has been very active in trying to help her.  It
has been through self denial and frustration that Kerry has not allowed
herself to be helped.  A lot of this has been from her previous health
TERRORISTS!!!  Ten years of neglect has a way of f***ing with your mind.  It
has been very difficult, to say the least, for Kerry to suddnely switch from
the old school of treating diabetes to counting carbs, checking her bg
frequently, etc.  For the first eight years she never even had a glucose
monitor.  She was told to take her insulin three times a day and do what
ever she wanted.

This "treatment" plan and no contact from the dr doomed her.  Her current
health team has taken a very aggresive approach to bring her back under
control.  They have ten years of neglect and poor training to overcome.
Once this is accomplished and her depression is under control her diabetes
should return to some what normal (whatever that is).  Our phone number is
402-556-3654.  If you want to reach me call toll free at 800-247-1345 ext
7700 betrween 7:45and 4:30 central and I will be glad to discuss this

Until further developments.

Brian Spitler

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