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[IP] re: Soft-sets & chocolate chip canolli's(!!)....

:)  - Hi Ros!

	Of COURSE you can use my name as referral for Lamberton's office.... (they
know & love me there - I have sent more prospective pumper's from our area
to that office than imaginable!)  Don't be surprised if it takes a bit to
get an appt with Dr. L - he's a popular guy... but also don't hesitate to
take an appt with any of the other 5 endo's in that office (at least until
someone from this list perfects the "cloning recipe" that we are all
eagerly awaiting!) - they are all excellent & ALL pro-pump.

	I have my Type 1 support group meeting tomorrow (Tues) night - I can't
WAIT to see how many more pumps have surfaced!  :)  AND to hear how
everyone is doing!!  Thanks again for traveling to our meeting last month -
everyone was enthusiastically appreciative.  Your input as an experienced
pumper was highly regarded.  If you EVER need someone to accompany you to
Boston, I would happily volunteer!  AND TALK ABOUT CANOLLI'S!!!!  ..... the
chocolate chip variety... in Boston's Quincy Market - YUMMMMMMM!!  Hey
Sara! - someone else you have something in common with.... you can call me
"Canolli QUEEN!"  :)  My last trip to Boston, I came home with one half
dozen ("research purposes") - still not sure I have that bolus amount
perfected yet..... <big wink> and the benefit of square waving in the face
of all that chocolate chip cream-cheese(???)...... hmmmmmm..... think I
might need to go back.   <giggle!> - never thought I'd consider
"calculations, canolli's, and control" in the same sentence.  :)   

Life is SO much more FUN with a pump!


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