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Re: A Sad Story (was)Re: [IP] Pump prescription...

Hi Renee --

>     I just had to tell you how in awe I am that after 59 1/2 years of dealing
> with diabetes, you're motivated enough to pursue getting an insulin pump....

*Had* to look at a pump!  Never even *heard* of one until about a yearor so ago.
I was on one daily injection, then my BGs went "sour" on me )
( hi > 400; lo < 50 ). My local internist put me in MI about 3 months ago. It's
the *pits*, now!  But my BGs seem to be in better control now that he's changed
me from 2 x N plus 4 x H daily from 2 x U plus 4 x H daily. The former gives
me BGs between low 200s to < 100; the latter gave me highs > 350; lows < 150.
So, U isn't for me.  <g>

>     My awe stems from a phone call I received today telling me that my 51 year
> old first cousin just died of diabetic complications.  He was a physician &
> never took care of himself, cavalierly tossing off his negligent attitude by
> saying " even if you have good control, that's no guarantee the complications
> won't kill you anyway"...he was dx'd at age 18 & always believed he'd die
> young...When my daughter was dx'd 5 1/2 years ago, I thought maybe then he'd
> reconsider his ways...too late. Even when she went on the pump, he was
> impressed but said he wasn't about to change his ways....5 months ago his
> health deteriorated rapidly & last month he nearly died & was put on
> dialysis.....

I can understand how you first cousin felt ... *I* felt that way myself for a
numberof years.  I even felt that way when I first suffered DM retinopathy and had
surgery done to both eyes.  But after having a gangrenous big toe -- for which my
local vascular surgeon only gave me an option of amputation of my leg at mid-calf,

I went to Boston to have a popliteal pedal bypass graft and my big toe amputated.
That's where they rearrange some arteries in your leg to open up the "blockage"
that causes the gangrene.  I can now *walk* on the foot my local surgeon would
have amputated.  <g>  But it took almost a year to heal properly.  8-(

>     Imagine my surprise when my brother told me our cousin had gotten his
> FIRST glucose meter when he began dialysis & was checking himself 10 times a
> day!!......But it was obviously way too late....The incredibly sad postscript
> to this story is that his wife died accidentally 7 years ago, leaving his 23
> yr old and  13 yr
> old sons with no parents....

I got my first meter some 10 yrs ago.  I *assume* they had just arrived onthe
scene by then.  <g>   Got a Medisence Precision QID recently.  I takes
*much* less blood to do a test than my old Accuchek II did.  <g>  And my
"bloodless" fingers can "almost" give me enough to make it work.  ( Heh, heh... )

>     Every time I think about it, I get so angry...but then I realize that's
> counter-productive.. My efforts are better expended "prostelytizing" to other
> parents about the benefits of pump therapy for their kids...As I've told
> Melissa from day one, our goal is to keep her as healthy as possible so that
> WHENEVER a cure becomes a reality, she'll hopefully be in a position to
> benefit from it.....She was also painfully aware of what my cousin was NOT
> doing & she used to worry what would become of his younger son if.....

Well, keep hoping for a "cure," or at least a positive feedback "treatment."That
would be something like a pump with an attached BG sensor which could
"drive" it to maintain close control on you BGs.  Now *that* I could really
take ( and like, as well ).  8-)

>      Enough said.....I'm just having a very hard time understanding how he
> could have let this happen to him and to his sons....Is it no different than
> an alcoholic or a drug addict who can't help himself even though he knows it's
> destroying his loved ones???????....

...particularly since he was an MD!  ( !!!! )  Must have thought he could "beatthe
odds," eh?  Fat chance!

> Renee (Melissa's melancholy pump-mom)

Don't be melancholy.  Be aggressive.  Melissa's got *some* chance of new
that will make *control* better, more easy, and more effective.  Look at it that
way, and
you *won't* be "melancholic."  <g>

John Huff, Dayton OH
( type 1, dx @ 8 months, now 61 )
mailto:email @ redacted

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