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A Sad Story (was)Re: [IP] Pump prescription...

    I just had to tell you how in awe I am that after 59 1/2 years of dealing
with diabetes, you're motivated enough to pursue getting an insulin pump....
    My awe stems from a phone call I received today telling me that my 51 year
old first cousin just died of diabetic complications.  He was a physician &
never took care of himself, cavalierly tossing off his negligent attitude by
saying " even if you have good control, that's no guarantee the complications
won't kill you anyway"...he was dx'd at age 18 & always believed he'd die
young...When my daughter was dx'd 5 1/2 years ago, I thought maybe then he'd
reconsider his ways...too late. Even when she went on the pump, he was
impressed but said he wasn't about to change his ways....5 months ago his
health deteriorated rapidly & last month he nearly died & was put on
    Imagine my surprise when my brother told me our cousin had gotten his
FIRST glucose meter when he began dialysis & was checking himself 10 times a
day!!......But it was obviously way too late....The incredibly sad postscript
to this story is that his wife died accidentally 7 years ago, leaving his 23
yr old and  13 yr 
old sons with no parents....
    Every time I think about it, I get so angry...but then I realize that's
counter-productive.. My efforts are better expended "prostelytizing" to other
parents about the benefits of pump therapy for their kids...As I've told
Melissa from day one, our goal is to keep her as healthy as possible so that
WHENEVER a cure becomes a reality, she'll hopefully be in a position to
benefit from it.....She was also painfully aware of what my cousin was NOT
doing & she used to worry what would become of his younger son if.....
     Enough said.....I'm just having a very hard time understanding how he
could have let this happen to him and to his sons....Is it no different than
an alcoholic or a drug addict who can't help himself even though he knows it's
destroying his loved ones???????....

Renee (Melissa's melancholy pump-mom)

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